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The challenge of this campaign was to improve the perception of the navigator, promote its use among non-expert users and spread the news of the campaign “The best browser for Windows”.

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Screen ¡Create your pin!

The case

As the digital agency for Microsoft Latin America, we propose a digital cross-media campaign for all the region, directed to the massive public, with urban interventions in two capital cities: Buenos Aires and Bogota.

The campaign is based in the fact that the Internet is a world of possibilities and opportunities. Users have “taken” the web: internet is part of their lives and it is where their lives are happening. They go online to see what they feel, what they identify with: tastes and interests, products, actions, brands they love. They use it to express themselves, they participate and live online.

The users are not so interested in the rational explanations about which is the best browser. The decision factor is emotional.

For this reason, the originator idea of the campaign moves around passions. We all like to show, in different ways, who we are and those things which we love. IE launches a collaborative site where users can express and add up their passions.

Screen ¡Create your pin!
Screen ¡Create your pin!

And how do they do it? Creating a pin representing that which they love and what they are. IE promotes these passions and it’s an open door to these online experiences. This strategy allows us to promote the new pinning feature or bookmark in the desktop, which helps users to be closer to the sites and their passions, only a click away.

When finalizing the publication of the pin, the site allows the share in the social networks and teaches how to anchor or pin their favorite websites in the Windows navigation bar. From that moment onwards, the user receives notifications and news with no need of having the browser open.

This digital space is also reproduced in urban interventions in the format of a big wall which contains printed pins with the messages of the site, spread by the local press, social media and key opinion formers in each city.

Screen ¡Create your pin!

Qm integral solution

• Original idea, creativity, UI and UX design. Development in HTML5
• Programming of Back-end ASPX
• Development of banner campaigns for the net MSN and off network, tracking and reporting
• Creativity of graphic pieces for massive media publishing
• Implementation of sniffer for user segmentation with previous browser versions, or those of the competence, which use OS Windows 7

Latin America map of pins


With more than 880,000 visits to the site, more than 20,000 messages were published, with 3% CTR, 94% published the pin and were exposed to the objective message.

Additionally, we measured an important rate of user participation with Chrome and Firefox, who tried to anchor their favorite sites, understanding that only IE allowed this new functionality – this as a secondary goal of the campaign.

Colombia, Argentina, Perú, Venezuela and Chile were the countries with the most participation.