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Columbia Foundation

Your space, your moment


Banco Columbia, a solid financial entity from Argentina, creates its foundation, which mission is help people to develop a spiritual path.

Columbia Foundation for Consciousness and Energy with the support of Omega Institute opens its doors in 2012, in the expectation of becoming leaders in Latin America. Its main goal at this stage was to ensure awareness and visibility to become known in the marketplace. To achieve this goal, the entity organizes an event gathering personalities such as Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss and similar local personalities – this event was called Consciousness and Energy Symposium.

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The case

Although it is believed that taking a brand from moment zero brings more freedom to create a communication strategy, what really happens is that many more aspects than just communicative ones are defined, ranging from: brand identity, corporation philosophy, tone, desired positioning… to internal organization, administrative circuits, etc. All these stages were part of dealing with this project.

Therefore, to accurately communicate a brand, it has to have a clear philosophy and personality. The first stage, then, is to be able to bring together all these aspects, so that the audience feels empathetic with the message and consequently with the foundation.

The concept of organizing a venue in order to offer these types of activities is groundbreaking, since it also acts as a quality certifier, reducing trust-issue factors. On the other hand, it is also true that the multiplicity of voices ‘under a same umbrella’ is a challenge; for this reason, a unifying concept is defined – which allows a clear communication of the proposal. With this focus on the user, we want to actually ‘walk in their shoes’ and imagine their own experience and the added value that we could offer them on a daily basis. This is how the concept: “This is your place, this is your time” is born; referring to that time-space created when one leaves everyday life aside for a while, focusing on oneself.

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A social-media communication strategy is created, informing the opening of the centre and announcing the Symposium.

A six months media planning is traced for the awareness phase, the strategy is developed combining paid and earned-media, this latter organically generated through the contents and the word of mouth.

Paid-media generates more exposure when it comes to capturing fans and followers. In this case the planning includes Key opinion formers, bloggers and Social Ads.

Simultaneously content guidelines and communication tone are defined to spread the philosophy of the foundation and be able to get the followers engagement. This content can be defined in 4 pillars:

1. Always on content
• Open messages to encourage reflection and participation
• Teachers´ reflections
• Participants’ testimonies
• Quotes related to the foundation’s philosophy

2. Functional Content
• Activities description
• Methodology
• Agenda
• Symposium diffusion

3. Event broadcasting
• Contest to promote the event “Consciousness and Energy Symposium,” and its agenda with the objective of capturing followers and fans that could be interested in the foundation’s proposal.

4. Surveys and measurement
• Surveys provide a huge value if trying to understand our target – they allow to become more aware of preferences and correct or improve actions along the whole process.
• Monthly reports are issued, which bring feedback and create historical data allowing an adhoc learning of the community.