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Conceptualizing brands,
activating commerce and acquiring customers.

Qm Way

  1. The Thought

    1. The Thought

    For us there is no such thing as creative if not rooted in robust strategic thinking; the weave that holds the whole communication together. Based on solid insight and a sophisticated understanding of the consumer journey we design a unique digital ecosystem for each client.

  2. The Look

    2. The Look

    Our two founders are trained architects and have a belligerent obsession with design. With extreme attention to detail, from the technical to the aesthetic, we make digital beautiful.

  3. The Feel

    3. The Feel

    Innovative creative that has impact, emotion and cultural relevance -to differentiate your brand and talk to consumers in voices they can hear and engage with.

  4. The Fit

    4. The Fit

    Our clients love working with us. Speedy and efficient delivery and building long-term relationships of trust and flexibility are our highest priorities at Qm.

Online Marketing Services

We Believe

In the power of digital communication to change things for the better, to shape organizations and to inspire. With over a decade and a half of experience working across continents, languages and cultures, we have become very skilled at helping brands communicate with their audiences through their unique digital ecosystem of online marketing services.

Our Story

It all started in 2000

Cynthia Nau and Victor Zambon


In one way or another we felt our skills and passions were best applied away from the traditional corporate world. We believe in DOING over TALKING and prefer CREATING things to SELLING things. Most of all, we are passionate about knowledge.


Over the years, we found that we had built a successful digital marketing agency that was growing and expanding, but we yearned for the closer interaction of the startup years. At the same time, we welcomed truly challenging projects for their ability to transform daily experience on a large scale.

The Team


Over the years, we found that we had built a successful digital marketing agency that was growing and expanding, but we yearned for the closer interaction of the startup years. At the same time, we welcomed truly challenging projects for their ability to transform daily experience on a large scale.

The Agency

In our prime

In an effort to bring the agency back to its roots, we have now created a small but global, highly experienced but highly honest, precise but passionate team that truly cares about their craft but can execute large and complex projects with ease. Today, Qm Digital Agency is a boutique firm that focuses on highly functional people-centred design. Work that simply works!

We’re not a network of offices, but a network of talent, with the power of big and the speed of small. We partner broadly and happily with client teams, consultancies, agencies and design studios.


We work for the Marketing and Communications teams for NBCUniversal Telemundo and NBC News in the United States. Also with the global or Latin American regional Marketing and Communications teams for Nielsen, KPMG, Microsoft, Unilever, Pfizer, Société Générale and local companies such as Banco Patagonia, Banco Supervielle, Red Link, FV among others.

Our Approach

We are a digital marketing agency and consider ourselves a partner to our clients. We have an integral approach towards the full communication spectrum of the brand. We identify opportunities, create ideas with impact through creativity and cultural relevance, and deliver a precise and seamless execution.

This digital service is delivered first from a position of consulting, and then we identify that important point where the audience's interest and the value proposition meet. We create the relevant context for all communication platforms and insightfully align each brand's unique digital ecosystem with the stages of the purchase experience, facilitating the consideration and validations that the consumer needs in order to make a decision. In this manner we create value for our clients and for their digital audiences, converting them into loyal recurring customers and evangelizers of the brand.


Our focus is on solving business challenges first, not on just launching ads. We are constantly striving to uncover new ideas and solutions in every possible area and we take responsibility in each step.

Business insights & strategy

In this moment, brands and their consumers are closer than ever, which allows us to listen, understand and analyze what our communities are saying. We wholeheartedly believe insights are the driving force behind outstanding creative work.

  • Research reports analysis.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Social-buzz & trends detection.
  • Buyers personas understanding.
  • Consumer journeys mapping.
  • Audience segmentation.
  • Online surveys & focus groups.
  • Digital touch points definition.
  • Brand story.

Content, traffic & SEO marketing

Qm creates engaging and relevant content to build bridges between brands and their fans, achieving consequent increase in traffic and viralization. We also plan and execute online paid media campaigns to promote said content.

  • SEO and strategic content for online positioning and optimization.
  • Social media management.
  • Analysis & social media listening, of own and competitor brands.
  • PR 2.0, influencer campaigns.
  • Social CRM strategy for internal help desk teams.
  • Online paid media planning: display, text ads, social ads, display & programmatic advertising.

Creativity & user experience

We are a human centered design agency. Our focus is to achieve an optimal experience on all devices and impact through great aesthetics.

  • Creative concept.
  • Look & feel.
  • User scenarios.
  • User flow and wireframes.
  • Web responsive interfaces, design and development.
  • Audiovisual production: motion graphics, 3d, photography.
  • Integration of digital, traditional and btl campaigns.


Award winning work on mobile and emerging platforms, ranging from app development to responsive websites.

  • Website development, online platforms and responsive web applications.
  • SEO, search engine optimization.
  • Website arquitecture.
  • High availability sites.
  • Apps development.
  • Contents administration and updates on diverse CMS.

Analytics & ROI

For each project we define key performance indicators -KPIs- and metrics within the digital ecosystem. Everything from how competitors are doing, to what the consumer truly wants. In this way we identify areas of opportunity where the brand can really flourish.

  • Campaign reports.
  • Social analytics: conversation maps, social word, buzz research.
  • Campaign, sites and landing page optimization.
  • Learnings / iteration & new proposals.